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  In Case You Missed It: Washington Legislative Recap  
   “For recreational anglers, this session proved to be one of our most successful yet,” announced CCA Washington in a recap of the 2012 legislative session.
CCA’s lobbyist in Olympia worked successfully with others on these issues and bills:
--WDFW Operating Budget and Protecting Recreational License Fees
--Derelict Gear
--Discover Pass
--Capital Budget Funding for WDFW Hatchery and Fisheries Infrastructure
Many sport fishermen contacted their legislators regarding these issues, including those who used CCA's "Action Alert" legislative messaging system.
Our lobbyist Scott Sigmon and Fisheries Director Heath Heikkila prepared the following report;

"It's a good day for recreational fishermen," Senator Derek Kilmer,
Chair of the Senate Capital Budget Committee

The legislature finally adjourned Sine Die early Wednesday morning
following an all night 2nd Special Session. Unable to complete their
business during the first 30-day Special Session, the Governor was
forced to call lawmakers back for a second Special Session at 12:01 AM
on Wednesday, April 11. They concluded their business at 7:30 AM that
same morning.

For recreational anglers, this session proved to be one of our most
successful yet. The following is a list of the issues and bills that
were successfully lobbied by CCA.

WDFW Operating Budget and Protecting Recreational License Fees 

Ever since November the Governor and Legislature have been discussing
further cuts to WDFW's operating budget. As you may recall, there have
been a number of proposals to raid recreational license fee revenue from
the State Wildlife Account to cover General Fund responsibilities,
including for hatcheries that largely benefit commercial fishing
interests. Many CCA members and our lobbyist worked hard to contact
Legislators in opposition to these unfair proposals and to defend
recreational license (hunting and fishing) fee-derived revenue.

We are happy to report that the final Supplemental Budget approved by
the Legislature did not raid the Wildlife Account. Instead, the
Legislature used other natural resource accounts to maintain the
hatchery production. The final budget did not include the proposal to
shift $3 million from the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group (RFEG). 

Derelict Gear

Another issue that was a priority for the recreational angling community
was the passage of Senate Bill 5661, which institutes a mandatory
reporting requirement for lost and derelict fishing gear. The current
law merely "encouraged" this reporting and clearly failed as unreported
lost nets continued to pile up in Puget Sound. CCA grassroots members
Bear Holmes and Rob Tobeck helped inspire the introduction of the
legislation and were part of the grassroots army that helped pass it
into law! 

CCA worked closely with a number of other stakeholder groups and key
legislators (Senators Sharon Nelson, Kevin Ranker and Val Stevens) to
get this bill passed. It was signed into law by Governor Gregoire on
March 29th. The legislation requires commercial fisherman to report
lost fishing gear to WDFW within 24 hours of loss and is a key first
step towards protecting our marine waters and rivers from these silent

Discover Pass

Thanks to Senator Kevin Ranker and Representatives Kevin Van De Wege and
Zach Hudgins, there were several key improvements made to the Discover
Pass this year. There were many complaints that followed its adoption
last year. The biggest change made is the "transferability" of the pass
to more than one vehicle. This was also a priority issue for CCA and
now Discover Pass holders will be able to transfer their pass to up to
two vehicles. WDFW Fishing & Hunting license holders will continue to
be able to access lands managed by WDFW, including boat ramps, without a
Discover Pass (unless they are located in a State Park).

Capital Budget Funding for WDFW Hatchery and Fisheries Infrastructure

The last bill to pass the Legislature was a supplemental Capital Budget
and it represents a significant victory for recreational anglers! For
the first time in decades (since 1977 actually), our fisheries will
benefit from what is maybe the largest infusion of Capital Budget
Construction dollars ever dedicated to restoring Washington State's
fisheries infrastructure. A great deal of gratitude goes out to the
Capital Budget writers, Representatives Hans Dunshee and Judy Warnick
and Senators Derek Kilmer and Linda Evans Parlette for their commitment
to this issue. Politically, this was a very heavy lift for them! 

Many of you might recall Representative Dunshee's interview Tom Nelson
last month on the "Outdoor Line" 710 AM ESPN, where he discussed
returning Washington State to its glory days as a destination fishery
for recreational anglers. The Podcast of that March 3rd interview is
available by clicking here.

Over $66 million will be parceled out to WDFW over the next 18 months
primarily for hatchery and fish passage way improvements, as well as
fishing access sites. Most of these projects will directly benefit
recreational angling and the conservation of our fisheries. CCA and PSA
led the charge to secure this funding and cited a number of studies
showing that recreational fishing is a major engine for Washington's

CCA and PSA lobbyists testified before the House Capital Budget
Committee and Senate Ways and Means Committee and worked closely with
committee Chairs Representative Hans Dunshee and Senator Derek Kilmer to
direct $34 million for 40 different hatchery infrastructure improvement
projects, $8 million for over a dozen fish passage way improvement
projects and $7.4 million for a number of fishing access projects,
including $2 million for a new elevated boat launch and parking area for
Point No Point (Kitsap Peninsula - Hansville). This specific project
comes at an important time as boaters experienced a $3.3 million budget
raid on the Recreational Resources Account in the final operating

Priority hatchery infrastructure projects that were identified include
major improvements to the Humptulips Hatchery, Soos Creek Hatchery
(Green River), Voights Creek (Puyallup) Dungeness Hatchery, Wallace
River Hatchery, Tokul Creek Hatchery, Kendall Creek Hatchery,
Marblemount Hatchery, Bingham Creek Hatchery, Sunset Falls (Snohomish
River) and others. 
Thanks to all those CCA members that stepped up and contacted their legislators on these issues. In the heat of the battle, it is YOUR voice that matters most!!

It is also just another example of why it is important to JOIN CCA and our fight to make a difference for conservation and recreational angling!!


  Sea-Tac CCA Table At Salmon University Seminar  

Once again Ed Fedder manned a CCA information table, this time at Salmon University’s two-day fishing seminar in March.  The event was sold out with over 150 attendees, and Ed signed up some new members and handed out lots of CCA information.

Many of the event vendors were already CCA members, and CCA logo stickers were noted on many of the vehicles in the parking lot.

Thanks to Tom Nelson and Salmon University for again welcoming a CCA table at the event, and for their long-time support of CCA.  (Note that the Salmon University website includes links to current and past issues of CCAconnect, at   



  Chapter Notes  
  Sno-King Chapter Receives Tulalip Charitable Fund Grant  

Last month Sno-King CCA received a grant in the amount of $3,500.00 for a carcass planting program to be implemented in the Snohomish River system. The plan is to freeze carcasses and plant chopped carcasses near the redds to coincide with the emergence of fry on the beds.

Sno-King is working with Sound Salmon Solutions and the Everett steelhead and Salmon Club (Puget Sound Anglers) to implement the project as well as seeking other funding to utilize up to 10,000 carcasses.



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