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  Columbia River Reform Update  

On Saturday, December 15, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission met in Tumwater and took the next step in advancing the bi-state Columbia River fishery reform effort by asking staff to draft a policy consistent with the recommendations of the Columbia River Workgroup. A draft policy can be found by clicking here. The Commission will be accepting comments on the draft policy until January 4 and will likely vote on it at the January 11-12 Commission meeting in OIympia.
Thanks to you, our CCA members, the overwhelming majority of those in the room were in support of removing non-tribal gillnets from the mainstem Columbia River and supporting the Columbia River Fishery Management Workgroup recommendations. Official testimony was provided by CCA Washington and CCA Oregon. There were many other CCA members that testified on behalf of conservation (eliminating gillnets) and in support of the Workgroup recommendations.  We will continue to keep you updated between now and the January Commission meeting as we seek to make history together.


  The "Red Hats"  
During public testimony at the December 15 Commission meeting there were several gillnet representatives who made special mention of the red hats worn by many of our CCA members. On a number of different occasions the gillnetters referred to their opposition as the “red hats” or the “red hat guys.” Not only does this demonstrate how successful we have been at elevating CCA’s profile in six short years it also highlights how important you, our members, are to this whole process. To all the “Red Hats” CCA Washington says THANK YOU! Thank you for your membership. Thank you for your time. Thank you for engaging in the process. And thank you for showing up in force on Saturday and wearing your red hats.



  A Message from CCA Oregon  
CCA Oregon Chairman and chief petitioner of Measure 81, Dave Schamp, made the drive to Tumwater this past Saturday to deliver testimony on behalf of the thousands of members in CCA Oregon. In his message Dave asked the Washington Commission to support the Columbia River fishery management reform that the Oregon Commission voted to adopt the week earlier. Dave noted that “CCA has been the dominating presence at every meeting I've been to. This meeting in Tumwater was no exception. It definitely puts an exclamation point on CCA’s dedication and support of this whole process. On behalf of CCA Oregon I would like to extend a big ‘THANKS!’ to all the members from CCA Washington.”


  Puget Sound Spot Shrimp Victory  
Also at the meeting on Saturday the WDFW Commission voted unanimously to significantly expand recreational shrimp fishing opportunities within established conservation guidelines. This increased opportunity is not only a huge victory for recreational shrimp fishers it will also produce economic benefits to our state and WDFW.


Tom Drews, CCA member, with spot shrimp.
According to WDFW, under the new policy “the San Juan Islands could be open for 26 additional days of recreational shrimp fishing next year, while the Strait of Juan de Fuca could be open for 31 additional days. Other areas of Puget Sound could open for one or two additional days.” Details of the Puget Sound shrimp policy review can be found by clicking here.
Ron Garner, President of Puget Sound Anglers, who was instrumental in this process had this to say about the decision: “A special thanks to the recreational advisors for all of their hard work and dedication to make sure that all information was brought out for a fair decision on this new policy. Most of our Puget Sound shrimp fishery was down to two days and shrinking. So the policy had to be redone for us to stay on the water. It happened and now we have more shrimping opportunity.”


  Member Spotlight: Dan Sullivan, Tri Cities Chapter  

Dan was born and raised in Richland. Currently residing in West Richland Dan serves his community as a Paramedic Firefighter. When he’s not on the water fishing Dan keeps plenty busy at home with his wife Carrie and their two kids. It should be noted that Dan’s son, Tanner, became the youngest ever CCA Washington member when his dad signed him up only a few weeks after his birth.
Where do you like to fish?     While Dan enjoys fishing in Alaska his favorite haunts are in Washington. His three favorite fisheries are Brewster sockeye, Buoy 10 Chinook and Neah Bay Halibut. He spends the majority of his fishing days on the Columbia River between the John Day Dam and the Brewster pool. This year Dan fished 37 days straight on the Hanford Reach. His favorite methods are hover fishing eggs and running Brad’s Super Baits.
What inspired you to get involved with CCA?     Dan is a lifelong fisherman and has been involved with many fisheries management issues over the years. What was missing before CCA, he says, is a cohesive group of fisherman willing to tackle the issues on a statewide level. He viewed CCA as a group that could bring all recreational fishermen together to be heard as one voice and to move ahead in one unified front.
In what areas are you currently involved?     Dan has been the Tri Cities chapter banquet chair for the last five years (to his credit the Tri Cities chapter has held the title for largest CCA banquet in Washington over the last two years). As a competitive person he enjoys the challenge of throwing a huge party and making sure everyone has a good time. Dan noted that “The last two years my favorite part of the banquet planning has been people calling me to buy tickets. It’s such a fun event that now people are seeking us out. It is also reassuring to know that the funds being raised are put toward a very worthwhile cause.”
Outside of banquet season Dan understands the value of growing membership. “Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating when you know someone who has a $30,000 truck towing a $30,000 boat but they somehow can’t come up with $25 to become a CCA member. But that won’t stop me from asking them to join” says Dan. “There is no harm in asking.”


  Chapter Notes  
  North Sound Volunteers in the Community  

It has been a busy 2012 for the North Sound Chapter.  Since late summer our members have volunteered for salmon habitat restoration, nutrient enhancement, and community youth events.
In cooperation with the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group, the Whatcom Land Trust, and Fourth Corner Fly Fishers, our volunteers helped provide restoration along the Samish River.  On a very hot sunny day, volunteers weed-whacked invasive grasses and placed over 25 yards of bark mulch to provide the 4 year old saplings with opportunities to thrive.

Chapter volunteers helped distribute Kendall Creek Hatchery carcasses into the Nooksack watershed, and carcasses from the Samish River Hatchery into the Samish Watershed. A huge thank you to all the volunteers, Tasha Geiger of WDFW for her guidance, Sue Madsen of SFEG and all the land owners who gave us access to distribute the carcasses.

For the third year in a row, the North Sound Chapter and Fourth Corner Fly Fishers attended the Cherry Point British Petroleum’s annual Children's Christmas Party.  Volunteers help the children tie custom flies which were then set in a glass ornament for display.  We have already been invited back next year and are very much looking forward to the event!  Thank you to all our fly tiers, Scott Willison for organizing the event, BP for hosting us, and Puget Sound Energy for their grant that helped us stock our fly tying cabinet.




December 27, 2012
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