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VOTE “NO” on the House Bill 238 PRESCRIPTION FEE
The Insurance Committee of the Alabama House of Representatives approved HB238 on Wednesday, March 6, with a unanimous voice vote. The bill now goes to the House calendar where it will await further action. House Bill 238, sponsored by Rep. Phillip Rigsby (R-Huntsville) would impose a $10.64 fee on every single prescription dispensed in Alabama, costing employers and their employees millions of dollars each year. 

Here are the critical points to consider.

INCREASED CONSUMER COSTS: The bill proposes an additional $10.64 fee on every prescription which means an estimated extra $275 per person annually or $1,100 for a family.

IGNORES THE CORE ISSUE: The bill fails to tackle the root problem – the exorbitant drug prices set by drug manufacturers.

IMPACT ON BUSINESSES: Alabama businesses will bear increased costs for providing prescription drug coverage and raising employee benefit costs.

This bill is NOT a solution. It’s a costly burden on consumers and employers.

We at AAHC are committed to fighting against policies that raise the cost and access to employer provided healthcare benefits.

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