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Urge HHS to Provide Additional Relief Following Change Healthcare Cyberattack
ACP is asking members to urge the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to take additional steps to help physicians following the cyberattack on Change Healthcare by addressing cash flow disruptions, improving communications, and maintaining alternative claims submission processes. A sample letter has been provided for your convenience that can be submitted electronically through our Legislative Action Center.

Background: In February 2024, Change Healthcare, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, had many of its critical functions halted after a cyberattack. This has resulted in physicians all over the country not receiving payment for services, severely threatening access to patient care. Change Healthcare is the largest clearinghouse for insurance billing and reporting and is therefore essential to processing millions of claims. 

ACP has submitted multiple letters to HHS over the past two months expressing our concerns and highlighting how physicians have continued to struggle. Advanced payments have not been sufficient, and potential solutions from Change Healthcare such as switching to alternative clearinghouses are not feasible. We are asking for additional advanced payments to help prevent practices from reducing staff and cutting back operational hours to enable physicians to continue providing care.

We believe many of the suggested workarounds from Change Healthcare and UnitedHealth Group are not enough to help physicians in this difficult time. We need your help to urge HHS to take additional steps to support physicians.

Action Requested: Please submit your comments to HHS. A sample letter has been provided for your convenience that can be customized and submitted electronically. 

Please contact Shuan Tomlinson at with any questions about this campaign. Thank you for your continued advocacy.

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