Support Education Savings Accounts
Dear West Virginia Christian School Community:

The West Virginia Legislature and political landscape has moved in a more favorable position regarding school choice.   The school choice measure we are supporting is an Educational Savings Account model.   You can find more information, including talking points, FAQ's, and the bill text on the ACSI Legislative Action Center webage
Please let your voice be heard by contacting your state legislators. Please also be sure to spread the word to your wider school community.  West Virginia Christian school leaders along with other organizations have met with key members of the Legislature. Those meetings were very positive and there is momentum toward getting this legislation on the agenda for this session.  We were urged to ask our constituents to contact their state legislators in Charleston -- by email, phone or in person. This Voter Voice tool is an easy way to do that and will only take a few minutes.

School choice in the form of an educational savings account would be a game changer.  Most importantly, it gives parents who have long desired a Christian school education the capacity to make that choice.  It would also go a long way in evening the playing field for all non-public schools.   Please take the time to look over this information and get involved!  The other side will certainly work hard to oppose ESAs and we simply can't let this go without engaging in the public policy process.
We've made it as easy as possible.  Simply click the "Mail" button below to send a pre-written email to the Governor and your Delegate(s) and State Senator(s) in Charleston.  You can even edit the text if you prefer.  (You also have the option of calling, Tweeting or sending a Facebook message by clicking the appropriate button below).  Please don't put this off until later.  Be sure to take action now.
Stay tuned for more information and for the possibility of an event at the Capitol in the next few weeks.
P. George Tryfiates
Director for Government Affairs
Association of Christian Schools International
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