Freedom of Private Early Education Programs At Risk
UPDATE 6/17/21 - The bill has continued to move forward overnight and the religious exemption amendment was voted down.  The bill is now with the House.  This bill must either die or have a religious exemption added by the House.  


Oregon Senate Bill 236 is speeding through the House and would completely undermine the ability of private early learning providers to administrate their programs free from government interference and would prohibit private early education providers from making disciplinary decisions involving the suspension or expulsion of students apart from intrusive state involvement.  


This proposed legislation is alarming in its overreach, its interference with the religious liberty and autonomy of faith based organizations, and its intrusion in the contractual rights of early education programs. Since this legislation is likely to pass, we are urgently asking the House to include a religious exemption for faith-based programs so that the 1st Amendment rights of private and faith based school will be protected.  Without this, the ability to provide early childhood education programs, is at risk.


WE need your help!  We are asking you to take action immediately by using the form on this page to send a message to your House member and Senate member and let them know religious programs need to be exempt from this prohibition and able to enforce faith-based standards on conduct and belief.   If SB 236 passes as currently drafted, private, faith-based providers may no longer be able to serve families in their communities.  This should not be allowed to stand. 

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