Expand School Choice in PA
We are asking all members of the Christian school community to take action: 

Ask your legislators and the governor to expand the EITC/OSTC programs, implement an escalator for EITC programs, and add the Keystone Hope Scholarship Program for parents to be able to access more choice in education for their children.  

Students, parents and educators continue to work through unprecedented challenges in today’s educational climate.  As we have watched Christian, religious and other private schools partner with parents to meet the challenges head on, they must be addressed with new and even bolder innovative policies to help Pennsylvania students flourish.

House Bill 1, Senate Bill 1, SB 527 and other similar school choice legislation are promoting Excellence in Education for All, ensure that every student is given opportunities for the best education and empowers parents in the process.

House Bill 1 would:

  • Create the Keystone Hope Scholarship to assist families who choose to homeschool students or enroll them in charter, private or parochial schools.
  • Expand the successful Education Improvement Tax Credit with additional funds and an escalator (an automatic increase to meet scholarship demand based on previous year's utilization) to help increase this funding as long as there is unmet need and support.


Senate Bill 1 would:

  • Expand the successful Education Improvement Tax Credit.


Senate Bill 527 would:

  • Provide for an automatic escalator to Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs.


Act Now: Contact your state senator and state representative to support these outstanding opportunities and similar bills to help students and families across Pennsylvania.

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