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Tell Frankfort to vote NO on any expansion of gambling

The gambling bill is making its way through Frankfort and it must be stopped. Please take a minute to make 1 phone call. Then you can also click on the link to send a message to your state legislators.

Call the Legislative Message Line 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for your State Rep and State Senators:

Message: "Vote NO on House Bill 175. NO Expansion of gambling. Gambling will harm families. It is a bad bet for Kentucky."

And ask them to "COPY the same message to all Representatives and Senators in my county."

CLICK below to send an email to your KY state legislators.

Also call Gov. Bevin 1-502-564-2611 His message line is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Monday through Friday.
Leave this message, "Please act to stop the expansion of gambling. Do NOT sign H.B. 175 or any expansion of gambling."

Four Truths of Gambling Expansion (abbreviated from The Kentucky Citizen.)
1. The family is targeted. Gambling does not produce wealth, it only makes wealth change hands. All the BILLIONS of dollars that is gambled is just a shift of assets FROM the hands of the family INTO the hands of the gambling industry. The government will get its share simply by taxing the money as it changes hands.
2. Business will lose. Think about it, after all the losses, parents can't afford to take the family out to eat, buy new clothes, purchase new appliances or finance an addition to the house. Other businesses will suffer because money is TAKEN OUT of the economy. And when families go bankrupt, the businesses the family owes loses even more.
3. Government will be corrupted.  With millions going into the hands of the gambling industry, who will become the greatest contributor and most influential group in the political process? Look what happened to Nevada, where gambling was legalized one year, and then later on prostitution was legalized to embellish the gamblers "good times". And now Las Vegas has 13 abortion clinics. "Nice" legislators who will reluctantly vote for gambling today will themselves be replace by pro-gambling legislators that will not care one iota about the family. We will not escape the corruption of our values.
4. The Vulnerable will be destroyed.  Finances are not the worst costs to families. There will be some citizens, poor in spirit as well as poor in financial assets, whose lives will be totally destroyed -- marriage-damaging financial stress, alcoholism, drug use, child neglect and abuse, spouse neglect and abuse, divorce, depression, suicide, embezzlement, imprisonment and crime (both victim and perpetrator). 

Please CLICK on the Link at the bottom of this page to send an email to your KY state legislators and Gov Bevin.


Sources: Richard Nelson, Commonwealth Policy Center and Kent Ostrander of The Family Foundation and The Kentucky Citizen.
To read more, click on Gambling Addiction

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