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Time to Disband the Mueller Investigation of Trump
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Time to Disband Mueller Investigation 

The special counsel headed by Robert Mueller will not be impartial in regards to our President plus there is no reason to even have it because there is no evidence of President Trump being involved in the Russian meddling in the 2016 election. For 9 months there has been no evidence. Comey testified that there was no collusion and no obstruction

The Senate Intelligence Committee needs to hear from us about this injustice.

Call 202-224-3121, the Capitol switchboard, and ask to be connected to the Senator, then leave a message for the members of the Intel Committee. Or you can click on their name below and send them an email. If you can't contact all the members, please do contact R. Burr.
  Senators: Richard Burr (the head of the Intel Committee) 
Washington DC office (202) 224-3154
  Jim Risch       DC (202) 224-2752  
  Susan Collins DC (202)224-2523
  Roy Blunt       DC (202) 224-5721
  James Lankford DC (202) 228-1015
  Tom Cotton      DC (202) 224-2353
  John Cornyn    DC (202) 224-2934
  Marco Rubio    DC (202) 224-3041

Thanks for your help. Our President and our country need our support. Now more than ever.

Here is a sample message:
Re: Special Counsel on collusion and obstruction

James Comey leaked a memo for the sole purpose of setting up a special counsel. So that counsel was formed and Robert Mueller heads it. And he is good friends with Comey. Is this not a conflict of interest between Mueller and Comey?!  How can Mueller be impartial? He can't.
Why is there  further investigation anyway when Comey testified that there was no collusion and no obstruction.

This is a waste of your time and our taxpayer money.

Newt Gingrich recommends disbanding this special investigation. I and a growing number of people agree.

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