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       Congress Contemplates Temporary Bailouts for Insurance Companies
    Although a bill number has not been introduced at this time, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, from Tennessee has set up a committee with ten other congressmen to discuss a one year so called 'fix' for the insurance companies.
   Alexander wants to help out the insurance companies, but we need to call it what it is - a Bail Out for Insurance Companies.
   The senator purposes this assistance for the insurance companies will only be for a year but we believe to bailout insurance companies is not the answer.  We believe this would only mask the symptom the problems Americans face with the ever rising costs of health care.  If this plan is put into action 'YOU'  the taxpayer would pay insurance companies to go back into states where they originally left because they could not keep up with the demand and restrictions mandated by the Affordable Health Care Act. Even though most states now only have one insurance company to choose from; this bailout would only MASK the SYMPTOM of our health care problem!

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