American Family Association of Kentucky

American Family Association of Kentucky

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Tell Congress Americans Want Lower Spending Levels


Remind your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative that the American people want:
1. Lower spending levels;
2. We do NOT want DACA wrapped up in a spending bill; and
3. We absolutely oppose an insurance bailout.

Click on the TAKE ACTION LINK at the botton of this page to send your message.

Please share this on your social media pages.

And also call your 2 US Senators and Congressman:
Either at their local office (which may be easier to reach) or the capitol switchboard  202.224.3121.  If you call the switchboard you will need to call three times to be transferred to each office.

 Here are the local numbers
  US Senator for KY
   Senator Mitch McConnell (KY)

     (270) 781-1673 Bowling Green
     (859) 578-0188 Ft Wright
     (859) 224-8286 Lexington
     (606) 864-2026 London
     (502) 582-6304 Louisville
     (270) 442-4554 Paducah
   Senator Rand Paul (KY)
     (270) 782-8303 Bowling Green

US Congressman for KY
Andy Barr (District 6)
   (859) 219-1366 Lexington
James Comer (District 1)
   (270) 487-9509 Madisonville  
   (270) 408-1865 Paducah
   (270) 487-9509 or Toll Free  1-800-328-5629 Tompkinsville
Brett Guthrie (District 2)
   (270) 842-9896  Bowling Green
Thomas Massie (District 4)
   (606) 324-9898 Ashland
   (502) 265-9119 LaGrange
   (859) 426-0080 N KY Cresent Springs 
Hal Rogers (District 5)
  (606) 439-0794 Hazard         
  (606) 886-0844 Prestonsburg
  (606) 679-8346  or Toll Free 1-800-632-8588 Somerset
John Yarmuth (Dist 3)
   502-582-5129 Louisville downtown
   502-933-5863  Louisville south end

 Below are Talking Points below for your use.
* The American people are opposed to insurance bailouts. The upcoming spending bill should NOT bail out the insurance companies.
* Spending bills are an inappropriate vehicle for addressing DACA. Do not wrap DACA into the upcoming spending bill.
* Americans are opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. American voters want a thoughtful solution to President Obama's illegal DACA. Congress should not use the spending bill to extend DACA.
* Republicans are proving to be as bad with spending as their Democrat counterparts. The American people elected Republicans and gave them the majority in both chambers of Congress, in part, because we want lower spending levels.
* Republicans need to live up to their campaign promises to reduce spending.

Thanks for taking action!

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