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American Family Association of Kentucky

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"The People's Request" to the upcoming Omnibus Bill


Next week the House of Congress will begin consideration of what could be the
last major bill before the
November midterm elections - the March 23rd omnibus

There are several issues of concern but we are focusing on three.  Ask your congressman and senator to:

1) OPPOSE any straight bailout of Obama care - Billions of YOUR dollars are being proposed to be given to insurance companies.
    Ask them to NOT cave into the insurance companies threats of suing the government for compensation from the Obama care 'risk corridor" program.
2)  To END "chain migration" and to support President Trump's efforts to end the unconstitutional and illegal DACA program.
     To ENFORCE U.S. immigration laws, SECURE our borders and REFORM our broken LEGAL immigration system that includes the end to chain migration.
3)  To OPPOSE the Internet Sales Tax which would make it harder for small businesses to expand growWe are taxed enough already - enough is enough. 

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