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Tell McConnell to step up the pace on confirming Judicial Nominees

Tell Senator McConnell to 
Step Up The Pace on
Confirming Pres. Trump's
Judicial Nominees

From Dec. 15 to February 27th McConnell held 6 full senate votes for confirmation. Then, in late February, he got word of the work of our friends at

Since then he has held 5 votes in less than 2 weeks - BUT THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH

We need 20 confirmations every month to fill the current 148 vacancies before the November midterms.

Many of you made calls to Sen McConnell and we thank you. But let's step up the pressure!

1. Please send an email to McConnell.
        If you are not from KY, you can send him an email on his webform or call him.
             (202) 224-2541 Washington, DC.
             (502)582-6304 Louisville
              (270) 781-1673 Bowling Green
              (859) 578-0188 Fort Wright
              (859) 224-8286 Lexington
              (606) 864-2026 London
              (270) 442-4554 Paducah

        Here is a sample message you can send him
        Trump started out with 117 vacancies for judges. Now there are 148 vacancies. 
        We are not going to put up with any more dragging your feet. We need these judicial positions filled and filled NOW!
        We need at least 20 confirmations of judges each month to fill the vacancies by the midterm elections in November.
        It is our understanding that the US Senate only works 2.5 days a week. We all work 5 days and week and you should too.
        Get this job done!

2. Join the  contact page here
3. Research where McConnell is giving a town hall meeting near you and give him an EAR-FULL.
4. Write to Mike of to set up a local chapter and he will send you FREE literature and brochures.
5. After you send your email, please share this campaign on your social media pages.

See this cite on vacancies:
Vacancy Summary for March 2018

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