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Congress needs a conservative speaker of the house to replace Ryan

Congress needs a conservative Speaker of the House to replace Ryan

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced he will not seek reelection this November. This will open the highest leadership position in Congress. It will be the rank-and-file members of Congress who will select Ryan's replacement as Speaker.
The selection of the next Speaker is crucial because, in order for America to be great again, strong legislation must be passed to restore our military strength and to "drain the swamp" of the bureaucracies that curtail our liberties. But over a year into the Trump administration, the necessary legislation is going nowhere in Congress - despite Republicans being in control. The reason is simple: establishment Republicans are in charge.

Urge Congress to elect a proven conservative for Speaker of the House.

Several names have surfaced as Ryan's replacement: Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader (R-CA); Steve Scalise, Majority Whip (R-LA); and Jim Jordan, Freedom Caucus (R-OH). McCarthy and Scalise are Ryan's top lieutenants. They are establishment Republicans who will continue business as usual.

Voting Record: How McCarthy, Scalise, and Jordan Compare
Speaker Paul Ryan helped hatch the bloated 2018 Omnibus spending bill (2,000 pages). Most members of Congress didn't even know what was in it because of the lack of time to read the bill.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who are both considering the role of Speaker, voted for the bill. In their leadership roles, they also helped Speaker Ryan get other members to vote for the massive bill.

AFA Action's legislative score card shows both McCarthy and Scalise, as indicated below, scoring much lower than Jordan. The table below also indicates their composite scores from other social and fiscal conservative groups. Jordan's composite score (99%) is significantly higher than both McCarthy (64%) and Scalise (70%).

Congressional conservatives should not make behind the scenes deals with current leadership on who the next Speaker will be. Instead, there needs to be a public debate among House Republicans to select a proven conservative Speaker. 

Contact your congressman now.

If you are from KY, you can send an email by responding below.

If you are NOT from KY, call 1-202-224-3121, the US Capitol Switchboard and ask to be connected to your Congressman. Then leave a message for him to vote for Rep Jim Jordan as the next speaker of the house.

Click below to send your message.
If you are NOT from KY, please call 202-224-3121, the US Capitol Switchboard, and ask to be connected to your US Representative/

Sources:, Freedom Works

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