Urgent - Contact your US Senators on HR 6666
The left wingers in Washington are working overtime to take advantage of the Corona virus situation and overreach their authority.

That is why we are sending you these very urgent emails to frequently. 

HR 6666 is on a fast track having already passed the House and received its 2nd reading in the US Senate.

Contact your US Senators (In KY contact Sen. Rand Paul & Sen. Mitch McConnell) and tell them of your disapproval of HR 6666, and ask that the Senators AMEND the legislation to Preserve the first amendment rights of all Americans:

1.  Not to be compelled to violate their conscience, health, political or religious beliefs by being forced by their government to be tested, tracked and “served” with immunizations that they conscientiously oppose.

2.  Not to be prosecuted, persecuted or discriminated against for dissenting from the government-imposed Wuhan virus mandates impacting their health & beliefs in the same tyrannical manner that communist governments subdue their captive citizens.

3.  Not to be forced to submit to tests, tracers and “services” that a future corrupt government agency could use against them. 

The Obama administration intentionally used millions of taxpayer-dollars and the nation’s intelligence services in an attempt to destroy Donald Trump.  What insurance does the average pro-Trump American have that a future socialist president won’t use those same powers and methods to identify and go after those who dissent from government-mandated testing, tracing and “services”? 

1. If from Kentucky, please click on the link to send your email to Senators McConnell and Paul.

2. Everyone should call their US Senators to Amend HR6666 to protect our rights.
   Call (202) 224-3121

3. Everyone - please share this on social media.

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