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More Signatures Needed for 'No Jefferson Co. Public School Tax Hike to be put on Nov. Ballot
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Just a Few More Signatures Needed
To put 'No Jefferson Co. Public School Tax Hike'
On November's Ballot
So 'We the People' can vote against another tax hike...

The Jefferson County Board of Education has passed a 9.5% tax hike recently.  Since it was more than 4%, it can be subject to a recall vote by the people In order to get that vote, we need about 40,000 signatures on a petition by July 10.  If you are from Jefferson County KY, please sign the petition and please get as many people as you can to sign the petition.
1. Make sure you are eligible.  To sign the petition, you must be a qualified voter in the Jefferson County Public School District.  People who live in the Anchorage Public School District are not eligible to sign the petition.

2. Before you sign the petition, please find out your precinct name and number.  If you do not know them, you can go to this  link, put in your address, and it will tell you your precinct name and number. (Abbreviate your street type, ST, AVE, TRL, . . .)

 Sign the petition

   Help Us Roll Back the JCPS Tax Hike!

   Louisville is the eighth highest taxed city in the United States, with taxes higher than New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (“Cities with Highest Tax Rates”, TurboTax 2016). On May 21, 2020, the Board of Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) raised property tax rates 9.5%. That brings the total tax rate increase since 2010 to 24.5%. It should be noted that taxes increase automatically as the value of property increases, because the tax rate is applied to the value of the property, so these tax rate increases are over and above that automatic increase.

   JCPS per pupil spending already is 19% more than the average of other Kentucky school districts (CJ 12-15-2019). JCPS spends $17,215 per student for every kindergarten, grade school and high school student. By comparison, Nashville spends $11,045 per student. Only $8000 of the $17,215 spent by JCPS is spent on student instruction.

Read more . . .

And rebutting JCPS arguments for the tax hike . . .

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Sign the Petition for no Jefferson County Public School Tax Hike

Please forward this information to your friends and any groups
who may be supportive of putting the tax increase to be voted on by the people on November's Ballot.

Source: Louisville Tea Party
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