Cashless Society and Bail Ins
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Oct 2021:
From Richard Lewis freepress7@gmail.com

Attention friends, I have included an official federal publication which reveals the outrageous duplicity of our government in facilitating socialism while claiming to oppose it. PDF here.

Biden Says We Could Lose World Reserve Currency Status  .... THIS IS A SHORT VIDEO


Biden's Nomination For Bank Regulator Wants To "End Banking As We Know It"


Last Updated:  October 1, 2021/John Galt

BANKS FREAK OVER OCC PICK — Our Zachary Warmbrodt: "Biden's decision to nominate Cornell law professor Saule Omarova to regulate the nation's banks is triggering intense anxiety among the lenders and their Washington lobbyists and threatens to set off a bruising battle in Congress.

"Omarova is more than just a finance industry critic — she has proposed essentially ending the banking industry as we know it by letting the Fed ... take on the deposit accounts of all Americans. News of her nomination this week to be comptroller of the currency has touched off a scramble among Washington's powerful bank lobbying associations about whether to take the rare and risky step of speaking out against someone who could end up being the industry's top regulator."

DEMS PUSH LOWER BAR FOR IRS REPORTING — Bloomberg's Laura Davison and Colin Wilhelm: "Democrats in Congress are considering a plan that would require banks to report accounts with at least $10,000 to the Internal Revenue Service -- well above the Biden administration's proposed $600 threshold -- while also exempting some common transactions from the law."

FIRST LOOK: NGOs CALL FOR TREASURY REPORT WITH TEETH — Our Victoria Guida: More than 30 advocacy groups on Tuesday urged Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to take bolder action to fight climate change, including by using an executive order-mandate report to drive regulatory action beyond just disclosure of climate risks.

The signatories include Americans for Financial Reform, Better Markets, Ceres, Friends of the Earth US, Greenpeace USA, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, League of Conservation Voters, Public Citizen and the Sierra Club.

Sept 2021:

From Richard Lewis freepress7@gmail.com

US Congress Taking Revolutionary Steps Towards A Central Bank Digital Currency


What The FED Does: Creation of Digital and Physical Dollars_

Congress Sneaks In "Digital Asset Bill" Amendment Authorizing Digital Dollars

Last Updated:  September 24, 2021/Derek Wolfe


At last a United States politician states their position on "GOING CASHLESS"! 

By Richard Lewis       Email:    freepres7 @ gmail.com

Elizabeth Warren on CryptoCurrencies: It's Lousy!


Tucker obtains 'shocking' government document on bias-free language

1,230,073 views   •Premiered Jun 10, 2021


Victor Hansen:

At 2 minutes and 23 seconds: It's characteristic of all bureaucracies when they can not solve an existential problem they always go to trivialities....that they have done something.  Look at the Federal Reserve we may have a 6 or 7 percent inflation per annum but we have 2.8 mortgage rates. That's a gap but what are they doing? They are looking at pronouns  and the same thing is true of the OMB. We have a 30 trillion dollar debt and a Trillion dollar deficit. They do not have a clue of how to handle that but they do want to focus on this trivia! 


OUR NATION HAS DESTROYED ITS FUTURE WITH DEBT and going cashless is not a solution!

Republicans have been silent about "GOING CASHLESS"!  



How much Liberty Will You Enjoy If You Are Unable To Save To Meet Your Needs?
By Richard Lewis
     Email:    freepres7 @ gmail.com
The Bible Warns the Anti-Christ Will Control the World Through the Economy': These Global Trends Threaten Our Future
 Big Tech Becoming Big Brother


1. Not one member of Congress Republican or Democrat has taken a stand for or against A CASHLESS SYSTEM!

2. Not one member of Congress Republican or Democrat, has taken a stand for or against BAIL INNS allowing banks to use their Constituents Checking and Savings Accounts to Prevent Future Bank Failures!

Send a message to Congress and ask them where they stand on a cashless system and bail ins.


High Tech Prison Walls'? As Tesla Turns to Bitcoin, Privacy Experts Warn Digital Money Paves Way for Total Gov't Control
 Steve Warren

A Road Map of Persecution': Why China's Cashless Experiment Signals a Global End to Privacy
 Dale Hurd

Big Tech Becoming Big Brother: Whatever Computer Privacy That's Still Left Is About to Be Gone
 Dale Hurd


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