Tell Joe Biden Hands Off KY Curriculum

Help us build a firewall around Kentucky.

1. Send a message to your KY Legislators we need school choice


2. SIGN THE PETITION on Commonwealth Educational Opportunities (CEO's) website (You will be added to their list of contacts when you do so.)

President Biden is critically threatening the independence of Kentucky's educational system. 

3. You can take action by attending CEO's next activist training taught by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership on July 24 in Bowling Green.

President Biden has been pushing the controversial 1619 Project into our local social studies curriculum. Why is this a problem? 

Simply put, President Biden is trying to rewrite history

For example, the 1619 Project teaches our children that the Revolutionary War was fought not to escape British tyranny but instead to preserve slavery. 

Additionally, through executive order, President Biden is undermining women's sports by allowing biological men to compete as transgender women

We believe that school choice (in addition to other legislation that we will support) is essential to stopping this federal overreach. 

If you are concerned about the direction of this great country, WE NEED YOU to help us build a firewall around Kentucky.

Join the Commonwealth Educational Opportunities for their next political leadership school in Bowling Green on July 24. 

Thomas Davis, President
Commonwealth Educational Opportunities

P.S. Over 40 people attended the last training in Florence, Kentucky, earlier this month. If you are willing to help recruit a few friends for a training in the Louisville, Corbin, or Morehead areas, please let them know. They will be hosting more trainings across the state throughout the year. 

Email: KyStudentsFirst@ceoky.org

Mail: P.O. Box 892, Crestwood, KY 40014 Website
Commonwealth Educational Opportunities
PO Box 892
Crestwood, KY 40014-0892



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