Next Jefferson County School Board Meeting Tuesday, Sept 14, 6pm
Action Alert

Jefferson County School Board Meeting
Tuesday, Sept 14, 2021 
Central High School
1130 W Chestnut St
Louisville, KY 40203

   On Tuesday, Sept 14 at 6pm, there will be another Jefferson County Public School Board Meeting.
   Even though the legislature ruled that the Governor cannot mandate masks statewide, they allow local governing authorities to do so. And JCPS still requires masks to be worn in school by all employees and students.  And with the recent ruling by President Biden on vaccines for businesses over 100 employees and government employees, the school board will be voting on a vaccine mandate for employees.  The vaccines used in the USA are not approved. They do not work. Vaccinated people are still getting covid. There are many adverse reactions to the vaccine (including death) that are being ignored. Meanwhile, they ignore the many people who had covid and recovered and now have anti-bodies that are more effective than any man-made vaccine. They ignore the fact that there are safe and effective and affordable medicines that can be used to treat covid with a high success rate.
   They are still indoctrinating our students with Critical Race Theory and other Marxist ideology, and planned parenthood sex ed.
Please stand up, show up and speak up at this meeting.
   Call Angela Gilpin the board secretary : 502-313-4357 and sign up to speak.

   We are paying taxes to pay for JCPS to operate. So even if you do not have a child/grandchild in school, we encourage you to show up.
   If you do not wish to speak but would like to show your support to those who do speak out against this evil, PLEASE SHOW UP!!!!!
   Please remember there is strength in numbers!!
   Our Children and Future Depend on Each of You.

Arrive early, especially if you plan to speak.

If you want to speak, call Angela Gilpin, Board Secretary, (502) 313-4357

They require masks, which do no good.
They want to mandate vaccines for employees.
JCPS is indoctrinating our precious children with Critical Race Theory (CRT).
This creates division and hatred. 

 Board of Education | JCPS (kyschools.us)

Here is a pdf of all their board meetings.

 Heritage Action said: "CRT must be rejected. We must stand for a society where everyone receives equal treatment under the law.
That is why we created a critical race theory ebook that is filled with information and resources on how you can fight against CRT.
Click here to download and get started.
This free ebook contains:

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