Restore Our Free Press Rights to all citizens

Before you read the article linked below.....Remember only newspapers and broadcast businesses are allowed to exercise "Free Press" because the so called Federal Press Exemption exists only for businesses and the "Social Media Exception also exists only for businesses! 

Lawyers agree that states can grant their residents greater Rights than those defined in federal law!

Click on the link to  petition our state legislature to amend KY campaign finance statutes to read:

1. Free Speech and Free Press Rights that exist for media businesses operating in "Your State" shall exist equally for human beings residing in "Your State".

2. All Restrictions on Free Speech and Free Press Rights of human beings residing in "Your State" shall apply equally to all media businesses operating in "Your State".

Have "Woke" Corporations Become The Greatest Threat To Our Freedoms?



Campaign Finance Laws Are A Grand Deception!

If the 14th Amendment Rights of railroads were violated by not applying the same state tax laws to people and corporations....then exempting media corporations from campaign finance laws that limit people's equal freedom to exercise free press is also a violation of the 14th Amendment!

Campaign Finance laws pretend to exempt only INSTITUTIONS:  media businesses. The so-called Mainstream Media.

Corporations do not have bodies, voice boxes or brains; they can not interview political candidates, write political editorials or speak their political opinions!

Campaign Finance Laws are a gigantic smokescreen that hides the fact that only media owners and their trusted employees at the highest level are allowed to exercise free speech and free press in these United states! * 99.999% of the United States Population are denied a FREE PRESS while 00.001% enjoy a Free Press!

Richard Lewis freepres7@gmail.com 

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