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Shop Local - Louisville, KY

Many small businesses have been hurt by the mandatory shut-downs from Covid and many are still struggling. Please consider shopping at locally owned businesses rather than the big chain stores. 

Also here is another reason to shop local. When you buy products made in China, you are supporting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) whose main goal is world domination. Click on the link below to see the atrocities they commit against their own people. But they don't stop there ... They knew about the Chinese Huwan Flu (Covid-19) as early as November 2019, but did not admit to anything until January 2020. Even so, they did not ban travel from China to other countries until months later after it was too late, and the virus quickly spread all over the world. They're still suppressing information and will not cooperate with national groups who are investigating the origin of this virus so as to prevent another dangerous strain of illnesses in the future. 


We should avoid buying products made in China for humanitarian reasons, too. Arguably it is difficult not to buy products we need since just about everything is made there (thank you corporate America), but sometimes there are alternatives. 

Please sign the pledge below and pass this on. Our future depends on it. 

Every dollar we keep from the CCP is money that won't support their evil agenda and military. Be vigilant when shopping - check the country of origin/manufacturer. I noticed three Christmas cards from friends that were made in China (it was printed on the back of the card). I'm sure my friends did not realize this ... so check out items carefully. BTW - American Greetings cards are made in the USA. I don't eat at Chinese Restaurants anymore. I read that China is sending their people over here to establish businesses to influence the American people to accept them and their culture, and some are becoming U.S. citizens so they have the right to buy property and businesses (Appliance Park, for instance - "A Haier" Company - owned by the CCP and Smithfield Pork Plant in Iowa), but remain loyal to the CCP. This has already begun and some states are trying to pass legislation to prevent this from happening. It's a serious game, and we can be the losers. Pray for our country. 

 Here is a pdf of Locally Owned Businesses in the Lousiville, KY area.


Click here to see the list of Locally Owned Businesses in Louisville, KY

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A special thanks to a dedicated volunteer for doing the research to compile this list for you all to use.




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