The Great Reset

Attention Patriots
From Richard Lewis


Biden Sets Stage for WHO Power Grab
May 19, 2022 by Virginia Clemm


Watch this video  about people wanting investors to put money into the Great Reset-related companies and endeavors.




Senator Toomey and Senator Mike Lee are astonished by Biden's plans? Don't they understand these plans are goals of the "Great Reset"?

Politicians around the world are publically debating the "Great Reset" while the US Congress remains silent !

Should we insist US politicians to take positions for or against the "Great Reset", "Block Chain" and "Bail In" issues and insist the US media cover these issues?

Does your US Representative or your US Senators think  BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IS HARMLESS ?   Please view

Blockchain: Life on the Ledger  * If you are in a hurry start the linked video at 10.00 minutes!

Fundamentally changing our "WAY OF LIFE" requires the informed consent of "WE THE PEOPLE" through the intentionally difficult AMENDMENT PROCESS!

The facts presented in this video should alarm every patriot. It is time that we contact our US Representatives, our US Senators our Governors and the members of our state legislatures and insist they take positions against any "LEGISLATIVE PLAN",  that would create Cashless Digital Monetary System or use Blockchain Technology in any way that could undermine or destroy personal privacy and Liberty! 

This should be one of if not the biggest issue for the 2022 election! 

Politicians around the world have had to take positions for or against the proposed "Great Reset". There have been riots in France in opposition to the "Great Reset". Sky News in Australia has openly ridiculed Prince Charles and suggested he be removed from the line of Royal succession over his support for "The Great Reset"! This issue regularly appears in the news in every nation except for the UNITED STATES where the mainstream media has not asked or pressured any politician to take a position for or against it! 

We need to start calling broadcast media and remind them they are not operating in the public interest when they withhold news about legislative plans that will fundamentally change our way of life! 

Does Congressman Guthrie support "THE GREAT RESET" ?

His comments about the Emerging Technology Bills that he introduced are very similar to comments made by LEADERS of the World Economic Forum that are using COVID to promote a "Great Economic Reset" which includes using Blockchain Technology to replace cash with Digital Money!

Does Congressman Guthrie think BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IS HARMLESS ?

Guthrie Introduces Emerging Technology Bills

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Washington, May 20, 2020


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) this week joined with his colleagues on the House Energy and Commerce Committee in introducing two bills to ensure American leadership in emergency technology: The Advancing Blockchain Act and the Countering Online Harms Act.

Guthrie serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce.

"The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that we need to maintain American leadership in technology," said Guthrie. "America is a nation of innovation and enterprise – and we need to keep it that way. We cannot let China beat us. I was proud to join my colleagues on the Energy and Commerce Committee to introduce a full package of bills to ensure our continued leadership in technology."

The Advancing Blockchain Act will promote the use of blockchain technology in our economy. The Countering Online Harms Act will assess how we can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fight online misinformation, illegal content, and other dangerous content.

"Blockchain technology can be used for cryptocurrency, but it also has many other potential applications, and the Advancing Blockchain Act will allow us to explore these uses to improve our technology," said Guthrie. "The Countering Online Harms Act will help us use AI for good. Often, AI is associated with its potential for fraud and hacking, but the Countering Online Harms Act will help us better understand the extent of these problems and how we can counteract them so we can move forward with the development of beneficial new technology."

The Advancing Blockchain Act and the Countering Online Harms Act were introduced alongside several emerging technology bills in a package with the Energy and Commerce Committee. The full list of bills can be found here.

"Emerging technologies will define America's future. We must lead to develop and adopt these technologies to not only take advantage of their tremendous benefits, but also to maintain our national and economic security as other countries like China try to beat us over the next decade. I thank Rep. Guthrie for his leadership in this subcommittee agenda that will help our nation foster innovation, secure supply chains, and protect American consumers," Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) said.




Archbishop Vigano warns President Trump about 'Great Reset' in an Open Letter




The Great Reset And Your House



Jun 13, 2021


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