BR 106: Ky Businesses Schools Cannot Ask About Vaccination Status

Send a message to your Kentucky Representative and Senator to vote YES for BR  106. 

This pre-filed bill would prohibit Ky businesses and schools from asking about vaccination status.
BR 106, filed by State Rep. Savannah Maddox, would make it illegal for schools and businesses to require people to disclose their vaccination status. The bill also proposes making it illegal for private or state businesses to make an employee get any specific vaccine if the person chooses not to for religious or moral beliefs.

BR 106 would also ban any government agency or nonprofit from requiring vaccination passports or any similar identification documents.

Double your impact by also calling 1-800-372-7181, the Kentucky Legislative Message Line  and leave a message for your state rep and senator:
I urge you to vote YES for BR 106. Prohibit KY businesses and schools from asking about vaccination status. Allow exemptions for vaccines based on religious or moral beliefs. Ban vaccine passports. 

You can call Mon - Thursday 7am-9pm and Friday 7am-6pm
Both husband and wife can leave separate messages on the same call. 


Sources: WHAS11   
                  Ky Legislature Bill Request 106 

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