KY Bill Watch 2022
Here is a list of bills to watch in the 2022 session of the Kentucky Legislature:
Contact your legislators by phone: Call 1-800-372-7181 
(Mon-Thur 7am-9pm and Fri 7am-6pm)

If you know your legislator's name you can email him/her. 
All have the same format:  first.last@LRC.KY.gov

Those listed as BR are Bill Request numbers of pre-filed bills. They will eventually be assigned a House or Senate bill number.

The bad bills are listed in red.
HB 28 (BR106) - Employers, schools and the government cannot demand vaccines for a job. It will protect our freedoms. Link to bill

BR133 - Will impose term limits on our KY legislators.

BR91  - Make the Ky minimum wage $15. This will increase an already skyrocketing inflation and cause more businesses to mechanize instead of hiring young people.

BR60 and BR69 - No Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our schools. 

BR427 - Requires CRT be taught in KY public schools.

BR154 - Save women's sports act. Similar to a Texas bill that states boys can't compete in girls' sports.

HB 29 (BR171) - This is a pro 2nd Amendment bill. No gun bans or regulations in Kentucky. It will nullify federal regulations on guns. Link to bill 

HB 36 (BR208) - No KY Sales tax on guns and ammo. Link to bill

BR440 - Require School Resource Officers (SROs) be trained and armed.

BR359 - Child Care Centers cannot be refused a license / their license cannot be revoked if they refuse to mask/vaccinate children. This is a freedom to choose bill and protects the rights of the people.

BR972 - Protect Kentucky students from a mandatory vaccination. Students would not have to be vaccinated.

BR1046 - Keep the road open around the capitol. 

HB 161 (BR1137) – Prohibit all federal, state, and local tax dollars from being used for lobbying purposes.  Link to bill

HB 124 (BR969) – Allow concealed carry in postsecondary facilities, local governments, and units of state government. Link to bill

HB 123 (BR967) - Create a new section of KRS 45A.343 to 45A.460 to prohibit a governmental body or political subdivision of this state from entering into contracts valued at or above $100,000 with a company that has ten or more employees and discriminates against firearm entities or firearm trade associations; set forth what does and does not constitute discrimination; exempt sole proprietorships Link to bill  

HB 122 (BR966 ) - Amend KRS 237.109 to lower the age requirement for carrying a concealed and deadly weapon from 21 to 18; amend KRS 237.110 to conform Link to bill

HB 158 (BR259) - Kentucky 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State Bill. Create a new section of KRS prohibit an identified entity from enforcing, or assisting in the enforcement of, any federal law that does not exist under the laws of Kentucky and limits firearm ownership; create a Class B misdemeanor with enhancement for subsequent offenses for any government official who violates the prohibition; grant authority to the Attorney General to file a civil action in Circuit Court to enforce the prohibition; permit citizens to file complaints with the Attorney General for violations of the prohibition. Make federal agents subject to arrest for enforcing prohibition; or attempting to arrest local or state officials; provide that the Act may be cited as the Kentucky Second Amendment Preservation Act. Link to bill

Here are some bills that have not been introduced but are needed:

Eliminate daylight savings time. Keep the same time all year long. We can decide which we prefer and stick with it rather than have to change clocks twice a year, which brings confusion and hurts business and industry. The reasons we started having day lights savings time are long since past. Hawaii, Arizona and Puerto Rico have eliminated daylight savings time. 

Spread the KY Legislative Session throughout the year, and thus eliminate the need for a special session and added costs. And also allows the legislature to be in session to reign in an out of control governor. In the long session (even years), like we have now the legislature meets for 60 days, Jan - April. Instead they would meet 5 days a month, all year long. In the short session (odd years), instead of meeting for 30 days Jan - March, they would meet 5 days every other month. This would give them a chance to actually read all the bills and give us the time to contact them about the bills. The legislators would have more time at home with their families. 

Restore Parental Control Over Their Child's Education - Introduce a bill similar to Indiana House Bill 1040 authored by Representatives Prescott, Jeter, Morrison and Davis will protect children in the public schools. 
   No More Mask Mandates!
   No Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate!
   No More Pornography in the Schools!
   No More Critical Race Theory Instruction!
   No More anti-American Instruction Promoting Communist, Socialist and Marxist Philosophy!
   No More Social Emotional Learning Including Screenings, Assessments, Labeling and Treatment to Try to Change a Child’s Attitudes, Values and Beliefs!  
   No More Disclosure of Confidential Information about a Student and Their Family! 
   No More Referrals to an Organization or Facility that Supports, Counsels or Refers Children for an Abortion, Puberty Blockers or Gender Reassignment Surgery!
  No More Teaching Children That They Can Change Their Sex and That There Are More Than Male and Female Sexes.

(Sources: Patriot Post podcast by Bro Lee Watts and presentation by Scott Hofstra to NKY)

Here is a website that lists Ky bills and their status as they are assigned bill numbers.

You can click on the link to write your own message about whatever bill you choose. It is best to only write about one bill at a time. 

And see the number at the top of this message if you want to call your legislators.

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