Biden proposal relinquishs U.S. healthcare over to World HealthOrganization

Former Congressman Michele Bachmann, lawyer and Dean at Regent University

has brought public awareness to:

Biden's proposals to be submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO)

at the Genevia Switzerland Conference next week, May 22-28. 

These proposed amendments would relinquish the sovereignty of our own healthcare to the WHO.


Send a message to your Senators and Congressman:

 To Stop Biden's amendments proposed for the World Health Organization.

Such proposals would relinquish United States sovereignty of our own healthcare to the WHO.

 We do not want anyone in charge of our healthcare here in the United States, 

especially a foreign entity like WHO controlled by the CCP (China Communist Party). 


Please call now and leave a message for your Senators and Congressman to tell them to

Stop this treasonous act. 

KY Senator Mitch MCConnell (202) 224-2541
    KY Senator Rand Paul (202) 224-4343
   If you are outside of Kentucky call: (202)224-3121  to leave a message for your Senators and Congressman.

For KY House Representatives in Congress Washington, D.C. offices call:
District 1:  Ed Whitfield    202-225-3115
District 2:  Brett Guthrie    202-225-3501
District 3:  John Yarmuth  202-225-5401
District 4:  Thomas Massie  202-225-3465 
District 5:  Hal Rogers   202-225-4601

District 6:  Andy Barr   202-225-4706


Jay Sekulow, of the American Center of Law and Justice (ACLJ) and Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council (FRC) 

are aware of this situation. 

We also contacted  Senator Rand Paul’s office and have found out the Senator is aware and is looking into the matter. 

We were told Senator Paul, of course, would be against these amendments/proposals.  

Click below to hear more info from former Congressman Michele Bachmann:


With all this said, International Law does not supersede our country’s sovereignty or Constitution. 
However, we must be diligent and on alert since we all know how the 2020 presidential election played out. 

As it was clear around 7:30 that evening, Trump was clearly ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes and was clearly on to a win. 

                        Then, as we all know, the states' (electoral votes that were in question) stopped their tabulation of votes and some states                                                     even sent Republican election officers home. 
Who would have ever thought this would take place in America’s election?  Well it did!
Thousands of ballots showed up in the middle of the night AFTER the polls closed.
This type of election is what goes on in corrupt countries where a powerful conglomerate of leaders want to keep power.
This folks, is NOT the definition of a free society.

NOW, these corrupt politicians and cohorts want to relinquish our Healthcare and 

United States sovereignity to the WHO. 


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