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Petition to Congress: Support President Trump's call to pause immigration from some countries

President Donald Trump calls for temporary freeze on immigration from terrorist hotbeds.

During the ban, the administration plans to develop an extreme vetting program for all foreign visitors to the U.S., including a biometric entry/exit system to identify who is arriving and departing the country.

The order supported the designation of terrorist-threat countries, which were previously identified by the Obama administration, by noting the absence of a functioning or reliable government to provide reliable information about travelers.

A federal judge in Seattle blocked Mr. Trump’s first stab at a travel ban. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco unanimously upheld the injunction, saying the order was too broad and the president had exceeded his national security powers to cause unwarranted headaches for citizens, immigrants and their relatives abroad.

Congress needs to  support President Trump's policy.

Petition Text
Petition to Congress: I call on you to fully support President Donald J Trump’s courageous call to immediately pause all immigration from countries that are hotbeds of Islamic supremacism. Also enact legislation to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization banned from the United States (like they are banned in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Russia).  Formalize these policies into US law that cannot easily be overturned by a later President’s executive orders.


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