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Help Make Kentucky The First Abortion Free State
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You can help make Kentucky the first Abortion-Free State!

The battle is on to close the last abortion mill in Louisville. We need your help! Get connected with all the news and events on our Facebook Page, Kentuckians for an Abortion-Free State. Will you help us spread  the word and unite Kentuckians? Visit the Facebook page using the link below, Like, Share & Invite your Friends!

We are calling Pro-Life Kentuckians to Unite for an Abortion-Free Kentucky! 

The objective of the "Kentuckians For an Abortion-Free State Movement" is to encourage all Kentucky Christians to pray and act for the Commonwealth to lead the nation in this movement to outlaw abortion by uniting churches and pro-life organizations behind this one goal.  I hope you will join me by accepting the invitation to visit our Facebook Page and Like, Share & Invite your Friends! 

Kentuckians for an Abortion-Free State is not the name of another "organization," but the name of the common goal of pro-life Kentuckians desiring to work together to achieve this one objective. Michelle Smith is facilitating this movement to help motivate Kentucky churches and pro-life organizations to pass resolutions stating their support for this one goal.

This movement does not promote or speak for any church or organization, all of which have their own individual leadership, emphasis, methods and programs. Rather, Kentuckians for an Abortion-Free State, is the voice of believers wishing to encourage the leadership of the churches and pro-life organizations they support to unite behind one goal:  to help make Kentucky the nation's 1st abortion-free state through prayer and virtuous action.

Find "Kentuckians for an Abortion Free State" on Facebook! Please Like, Share & Invite your Friends! We need your help to spread the word by inviting your friends to join the group and by sharing our posts.

Have questions? Our email address is:

Source: Kentuckians for an Abortion Free State

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