Oppose Dental Therapists in Michigan
The Michigan AGD urgently needs your help again in generating opposition to SB 541!  SB 541 passed the Senate in October 2017, and will be heard by the House Health Policy Committee on October 3.  The bill would establish dental therapists in Michigan, and authorize them to perform a number of procedures. 
We are asking that you reach out to your representative today, and urge them to oppose the bill!

SB 541 provides that to become licensed as a dental therapist, an individual must complete a three year dental therapy education program, pass a clinical examination, and complete 500 hours of supervised clinical practice under the supervision of a dentist.
Some of the procedures SB 541 would authorize dental therapists to perform under the general supervision of a dentist include:
  • Preparation and placement of direct restoration in primary and permanent teeth
  • Simple extraction of erupted primary teeth
  • Indirect pulp capping on primary teeth
It is urgent that the Michigan AGD's opposition is heard by RepresentativesPlease take a moment to send a letter to your Representative, urging them to oppose SB 541.
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