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Call Your Senators on the Build Back Better Act!
The Build Back Better Act is being considered by Congress (also known as the reconciliation bill) and includes a nurse staffing study in nursing homes and an unfunded mandate to implement the recommended staffing minimums. The bill also includes another unfunded provision requiring nursing homes to always have a registered nurse on-staff, 24/7. 

Without funding to support increased staff and meaningful policies to improve workforce supply, these mandates – as written—will cause more harm than good to an industry that is suffering. 

AHCA/NCAL is working around the clock to get these unattainable provisions removed, but we need your help, too.

We are asking you to weigh in on this issue with DEMOCRATIC U.S. Senators (the majority in the chamber) to let them know these unfunded provisions would be crippling for long term care. Lawmakers should remove this provision from the reconciliation package. The Senate has the authority to strip these provisions, which we need them to do as soon as possible. 

We all know that the workforce is already decimated. Across the country, some centers are closing or limiting admissions. This becomes a resident access issue to critical care and these unfunded mandates won’t solve the problem.  

We appreciate your attention to this critical matter and are here to support you. If you need help in outreach to your U.S. Democratic Senator, then please contact AHCA’s Matt Smyth and Angela Sargent. Please also let us know once you have completed outreach, so we can keep track of this. 

Thank you for all that you do to ensure our most vulnerable seniors receive the quality care they deserve. 

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