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New in the Legislative Action Center: Sample Introduction Letters for You and Your Club
January 13, 2021 by AKC Government Relations

As part of AKC Government Relations’ continued effort to empower dog owners and advocates, we will be continuing to provide new and updated articles and issue analyses in the GR Toolbox section of the AKC Legislative Action Center throughout the coming year. 

With the upcoming legislative sessions upon us across the United States, now is the time to make initial contact and start developing a relationship with your elected representatives.  It is essential they know you are interested in issues related to dog ownership and that you can be a resource to them. 

To aid you, AKC GR updated sample introduction letters for
 you and for your club have been added to the AKC Legislative Action Center (www.akcgr.org).  Simply copy and paste and add in details to help your lawmakers get to know all the things you and your club do for dogs in your community. 

The sample letters are the latest in a series of helpful tools we provide in the Legislative Action Center to help you communicate with lawmakers and work to protect your dogs and breeding programs, including:

·       10, 15, 25 Things Your AKC Club Can Begin Tomorrow A one-page resource designed to help you and your club become better advocates by providing you with a number of ideas, tips, and actions your club can take now to become better advocates.

·       Election Wrap-Up: The Votes Are All In…Now Your Job Begins! – A blog with suggestions and ideas for things you can do now to reach out to lawmakers at the start of the legislative session.

·       Working With Public Officials When Planning an Event During COVID-19 – An article with suggestions on working with officials to plan a show or other dog event during the pandemic.

·       Key Issues A series of pages in the Legislative Action Center with talking points and information to help you communicate with legislators on issues important to you.  Visit www.akcgr.org and click on key issues to view the available resources. 

These are just a few of the many resources that can be found in the AKC Legislative Action Center. Tabs at the top of the website also provide specific information & resources organized by issue, legislative tracking, news and blogs, and a place to support the AKC PAC. Be sure to keep checking www.akcgr.org, as AKC GR continues to add new resources which you can use when contacting your elected representatives to advocate and educate on a broad variety of issues relating to dog ownership and breeding.

The AKC Legislative Action Center is a one-stop shop for dog owners, club members, and breeders to find the tools and resources you need to be an advocate for your dogs and breeding program.  Be sure to visit www.akcgr.org for the latest legislative alerts, as well as numerous advocacy tools and resources on a broad range of canine legislative issues. And of course, feel free to contact us directly at doglaw@akc.org. 

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