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Celebrate Canine Heroes on National Police K9 Day, 9/1
August 31, 2020 by AKC Government Relations

Working dogs are a cornerstone that enrich our society by performing essential services. They keep us safe, aid those with disabilities, assist farmers, and so much more.

Some of the most important working dogs we see are Police canines (K-9s). Police K-9s sniff out bombs at public events, search for the missing and dead, stop crimes in progress, find drugs, and perform countless other tasks. Additionally, Police K-9s are an irreplaceable tool for the police because these dogs will only obey their handlers.  As such, they can never be commandeered to escalate a situation, and can often de-escalate tense situations.  

On September 1st, we celebrate National Police K-9 Day. AKC encourages you to join us in honoring these courageous dogs and handlers for protecting us and keeping us safe.

A great way to do this is to nominate a police canine officer in your community for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Officer Program. This recognition spotlights dogs that serve in a public service role. These dogs have a unique skill set, temperament, and intelligence. Dogs are nominated for this award by local dog clubs. The selected dogs are awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” in a club presentation ceremony and are featured on the AKC website.

To learn more or to nominate a K-9 officer in your community, click here.

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