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Caricatures for a Cause: AKC PAC Hosts Caricature Artist At ANC Fundraiser
December 17, 2019 by AKC Government Relations

At the 2019 AKC National Championship, the AKC Political Action Committee (PAC) hosted a three-day initiative to raise money and awareness of the PAC’s efforts to advance dog-friendly public policy. Donors of $50 or more to the AKC PAC who came by the AKC PAC booth on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon had the opportunity to sit for a caricature of themselves and their dog by renowned caricature artist Rafael Diez.

Throughout the weekend, bystanders stopped by the booth to watch Artist Diez bring humans and canines to life on the screen above the booth. Some donors chose to just have their dog sketched while others had the whole family drawn.

Caricatures were shared with The AKC GazetteDog News Magazine, and Pure Dog Talk. The publications will publish the caricatures on their websites in the upcoming weeks.

Artist Diez said, “Caricature is a proven satisfier, eliciting laughter and delight from both sitter and audience alike. These comical portraits often end up framed and hanging on the walls of their subject’s homes and offices for years afterwards.”

View images from the event here!



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