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AKC GR Celebrates First Quarter Legislative Successes
April 1, 2021 by AKC Government Relations

Throughout the first quarter of 2021, AKC Government Relations has been proud to partner with federations, legislative liaisons, and clubs across the country on behalf of purebred dogs and responsible breeder and owners.  

Although most legislatures are still in session, there have already been many successes this year on bills that the AKC GR team worked on with local constituents. Successes cover a broad range of issues. These include stopping a bill in Wyoming that could have caused someone to permanently lose their animals on suspicion of cruelty – even if they are later found not guilty.  In New Hampshire, AKC GR worked with sportsmen groups to defeat a bill that could have had a negative impact on some hunting/training facilities.  

AKC GR worked in New Hampshire and Virginia on legislation that would have negatively impacted important state oversight commissions and boards, thereby ensuring appropriate and fair membership was maintained and the rights of dog owners were protected.

In addition, bills were signed in Indiana and South Dakota that limit liability for exposure to COVID-19.  AKC GR and clubs worked to advance these new laws, as many clubs have expressed concerns over liability in hosting events.  For more information on this issue, and to see what other states are considering similar laws, visit www.akcgr.org/covidliability

Visit our Legislative Successes webpage to view the current list of successes from around the country.  We also encourage you to continuously check the AKC Legislative Action Center at www.akcgr.org for the latest information on legislative issues and how you can get involved to help protect your dogs and breeding programs.   

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