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In Session Newsletter: Latest Capitol Canine Profile, Leading Canine Policy, Health & Education
May 10, 2021 by AKC Government Relations


Learn more about Congresswoman and dog-lover Angie Craig and Summit, her Golden Retriever.


No species of mammal is more diverse than the canine. Each breed has a unique story that reflects the history and culture of the diverse peoples who impacted its development. AKC works to advance the health and wellbeing of all dogs and to protect and preserve some 200 distinct breeds of dogs. Every one of these historic breeds is worth preserving and celebrating. Some breeds are very popular pets today (see our newly released breed rankings p 5), while others are extremely rare and even face extinction.

No two breeds have exactly the same ideal standards and care requirements. Similarly, when it comes to canine policy, arbitrary one-size-fits-all requirements can harm some animals and do not make good laws. This is one of the reasons that experts at AKC oppose aspects of the so-called "Puppy Protection Act," S. 1385/H.R. 2840.

The AKC Government Relations team is available to advise and assist policymakers in understanding animal husbandry best practices, science, and nuance necessary for crafting reasonable and non-discriminatory laws that protect dogs, responsible dog owners, and the public.

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