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AKC GR, AKC PAC Support National Purebred Dog Day Photo Contest
May 13, 2021 by AKC Government Relations

May 1 has long been known as “May Day” and marks a variety of different causes. However, most dog enthusiasts know this day marks National Purebred Dog Day® (NPDD) – a day to celebrate the pride, predictability and purpose of purebred dogs and promote the preservation of our amazing dog breeds. NPDD was created by Colorado resident and Puli fancier Suzi Szeremy to celebrate the remarkable diversity and heritage of the breeds we love. In 2015, the Colorado General Assembly became the first state to pass a resolution designating a National Purebred Dog Day.  Since then, similar resolutions have been introduced or passed in other states and U.S. Congress.

Throughout history, purebred dogs have been depicted in paintings, sculptures, books, and more, demonstrating the unique bond between humans and canines, and the vital role that purpose-bred dogs have played in our lives for thousands of years. Each breed is a representation of the culture that developed it. AKC is proud to advocate for purebred dogs, breeding for type and functionthe sport of purebred dogs, and for breeders who are dedicated to the protection, health, and wellbeing of dogs.

The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department (AKC GR) and the AKC Political Action Committee  (AKC PAC) were pleased to each sponsor a category in a recent NPDD photo contest. By incorporating "Happy National Purebred Dog Day" or "I ❤️ My Purebred Dog" signs, the contest underscores how much people love their purebreds and how excited they are to show them off.

AKC GR sponsored Scenes from a Book – in which the photo, dog and dogs in it recreate a famous scene from a book. This prize was one by Caren Holtby and her Australian Terrier. Caren won an AKC Complete Dog Book. 











The AKC PAC sponsored the Breed Purpose Showcase – representing the value of purpose bred dogs that the AKC PAC works to protect through political advocacy. This was won by Jessica Hakeem and her Rhodesian Ridgeback. Jessica won an AKC Cooler 







To learn more about National Purebred Dog Day and supporting efforts, visit https://nationalpurebreddogday.com/

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