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Michigan Senator Kevin Daley Recognized as AKC Legislator of the Year
October 15, 2021 by AKC Government Relations
Anne Hier, MAPBD Director of Legislation and Constituent of Sen. Daley, and Bob Darden, MAPBD President, presenting the AKC Legislator of the Year Award to Senator Kevin Daley

Yesterday, members of the Michigan Association for Pure-Bred Dogs (MAPBD) traveled to Lansing to present the AKC Legislator of the Year Award to State Senator Kevin Daley.

Senator Daley, who represents Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola Counties, is a farmer and the Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, where the majority of canine legislative issues in the Michigan State Senate are assigned.  He has been crucial in preventing legislation from advancing that negatively impacts purebred dog owners and hobby breeders.    

In addition, the senator, owner of two Australian Shepherds, has an open door for club members in his district, who frequently reach out to meet with him and discuss issues.  The Senator’s office has also been responsive in working with AKC Government Relations staff when issues come before his committee to ensure concerns are addressed. 

This session, this includes Senate Bill 395, which would prevent dogs from being outside for 30 minutes in temperatures under 32 degrees.  This bill does not take into account those breeds that thrive in colder temperatures, or working, hunting, search and rescue or other dogs that are trained and acclimated to perform important tasks in the winter. 

On receiving the award, Senator Daley said, “I want to thank the American Kennel Club and the Michigan Association for Pure Bred Dogs for awarding me with this recognition. As a lifelong farmer, I understand the importance of caring for animals. It’s an honor to be presented with this award and I look forward to continuing to work with both organizations on these important issues.”

“Senator Daley is an essential and important ally for purebred dog owners in Michigan,”added Jennifer Clark, AKC Director of Legislative Outreach.  “His expertise as a farmer, combined with his willingness to listen and fully understand the impact of legislation, have resulted in numerous important amendments to ensure the rights of responsible dog owners are protected.  He has also prevented legislation severely restricting humane tethering, certain outdoor activities with dogs, and many other bills that would have significant negative consequences for dogs.”

“Because most of the Senate bills involving animal legislation are assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee, MAPBD has found Senator Daley a valuable ally in our efforts to keep Michigan free from many of the restrictive dog ownership bills that are introduced each session,” MAPBD wrote when nominating the senator for the award.  “Senator Daley is a true public servant. His key leadership position in the Michigan Senate and his receptiveness to hearing our concerns makes MAPBD’s job less stressful. With his openness and positive demeanor, we have his help to ensure restrictive dog legislation does not get passed.”

About the Award

The AKC Legislator of the Year Award honors legislators who demonstrate a commitment to promoting responsible dog ownership, the well-being of dogs, and protecting the rights of dog owners, exhibitors, and responsible breeders.  To nominate a lawmaker, contact AKC Government Relations at doglaw@akc.org.

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