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New Policy Video in the AKC Legislative Action Center: Arbitrary Temperature Requirements Can Harm Dogs
December 30, 2021 by AKC Government Relations

Dogs are the most diverse mammal on earth. This diversity allows certain breeds to thrive in various climates and perform specific tasks and functions.  

Yet too often, especially in the winter and summer months, lawmakers seek to pass “one-size-fits-all” proposals to mandate the temperatures in which all dogs – regardless of breed – may be outdoors. While well-intentioned, these arbitrary proposals do not take into account the diversity of breeds and their specific needs and abilities. They can harm some dogs, and undermine best care practices for others.   

AKC Government Relations is pleased to share a new addition to our series of responsible policy videos, Arbitrary Temperature Requirements Can Harm Dogs, to help communicate the importance of keeping laws flexible to ensure the best interest of all dogs.  

We encourage you to share this brief easy-to-understand animated video with lawmakers who may be considering laws regarding arbitrary requirements for dogs outdoors.  Please also share this on your websites, social media, and other communications to help spread the word about this issue.  

View our previous blog and the toolbox on the AKC Legislative Action Center for more policy resources regarding dogs outdoors and tethering.   

For further information on other key legislative issues, visit the AKC Legislative Action Center at www.akcgr.org

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