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Detection Dog Task Force Launches The Confident Puppy e-Learning Course
March 9, 2022 by AKC Government Relations


In a recent webinar the AKC Detection Dog Task Force (DDTF)  and AKC Canine College unveiled The Confident Puppy e-Learning Course - Interactive Puppy Training with a Purpose!

The Confident Puppy course  leverages broad expertise from the AKC Detection Dog Task Force and the Patriotic Puppy Program to help dog owners and enthusiasts raise resilient, well-socialized  and confident dogs. The course provides a collection of educational resources for individual breeders, trainers, and puppy raisers. 

The Confident Puppy e-Learning Course comprises seven sessions and was developed with AKC Public Education/Canine College staff, leveraging lessons and expertise developed by the DDTF and Patriotic Puppy Program for all dog owners to learn how to develop confident puppies capable of a future as a working dog. 

To help raise puppies with the best chance of success as detection dogs, the course focuses on seven different areas that are key to the dog’s development. As you continue through this course, you’ll learn more about each of these areas, and why they’re important in developing a confident, bold dog that’s ready for the demands of detection training or simply to be an exceptional pet.

  1. Introduction to the Detection Dog
  2. The Ideal Dog; The Ideal Puppy
  3. Training Principles
  4. Environmental Stability and Socialization
  5. Olfactory Acuity
  6. Reward Engagement and Search
  7. Fun, Fitness and Assessment 


The course contains interviews from industry experts, interactive videos, polls, fun quizzes, and an abundance of information for breeders and trainers to utilize in their efforts to increase the domestic supply of detection dogs.

Visit the AKC Canine College to immerse yourself in these free,  fun and informational modules. https://www.caninecollege.akc.org/visitor_class_catalog/category/100596 

Click here for a link to the recording of the webinar: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/3446926493436080910 


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