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AKC GR Brings Expanded Presence to Houston World Series of Dog Shows
July 29, 2022 by AKC Government Relations

AKC Government Relations Legislative Analyst and Community Outreach Coordinator, Jacob Hupp recently deployed to his new geographic territory, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico. 

This past weekend, Hupp introduced himself to dog enthusiasts, the public, and the members of the Houston, Galveston County and Beaumont Kennel Clubs with a GR educational booth at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows.  

“This event encourages public attendance to learn more about purebred dogs and a wide variety of exciting events in which AKC dogs participate” Hupp said. “Many dog lovers came to meet and learn about specific breeds and events;  others benefit from help in determining the right dog for their lifestyle. Being here to share information about dog laws and how they impact responsible dog owners is an important added benefit.”  

The booth offered a variety of resources to update purebred dog owners and the public about Texas  canine policy issues and how to advocate for dogs and the sport. The new flyer with data about the positive impact of AKC events in Texas communities was especially popular.

We encourage you to visit our Legislative Action Center at www.akcgr.org to view our latest resources and information, including economic impact information for your state, talking points on key legislative issues, and advocacy tools you can share with fellow exhibitors and club members.   

If you would like a member of the AKC GR team to speak to your club or attend your show to share resources and discuss how we can work together to be effective advocates for dogs, contact us at doglaw@akc.org

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