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AKC Lauds Congressional Efforts to End Exorbitant Pet Fees in Public Housing
September 22, 2022 by AKC Government Relations

The American Kennel Club is pleased to support efforts led by Congressmembers Adam Schiff (D-CA), Jason Crow (D- CO), Cori Bush (D-MO.) and more than 25 other members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to reduce and cap pet fees and deposits for residents of public housing. 

In a bi-partisan letter this week to U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia Fudge, the representatives urged HUD to issue guidance discouraging the charging of pet fees and to limit pet deposits to $300 in public housing. 

“These fees and deposits, often disguised under misleading characterizations as ‘pet rent’ or ‘pet security deposits,’ subject tenants to initial payments and/or subsequent monthly charges,” the letter states. “[These fees] can add hundreds of dollars to already overwhelming monthly rental costs, inhibiting access to affordable housing for low-income communities across the country that rely on Public Housing,” 

Additionally, Congressman Schiff’s office noted, “Exorbitant pet fees can force some families to choose between their beloved pets and affordable housing – and at their worst, they can exacerbate housing insecurity for low-income pet owners who understandably don’t want to part with their companions.”

The American Kennel Club joins these members of Congress in strongly supporting the right of individuals to own, keep and breed dogs in a responsible and humane manner. AKC policy statements note, “Dog ownership has existed in all cultures, races, climates and economic situations… Responsible dog ownership is compatible with most living arrangements.” 

“We are pleased to join with Congressmembers Schiff, Crow and Bush and other supporters of this important initiative,” said Sheila Goffe, AKC Vice President, Government Relations. “These efforts, together with the Pets Belong With Families Act,  which bans breed discrimination in breed housing, are great examples of how we can work together to reduce discrimination in housing and in laws that pertain to dog ownership.”     

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