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New in the Legislative Action Center: Responsible Policy Video About Pet Choice
May 1, 2023 by AKC Government Relations

Proposals seeking to limit pet choice and enact retail sales bans continue to be prominent in states and communities across the country.  Proponents often claim that these proposals – also called retail pet store bans—are a guaranteed solution to help shelters and eliminate bad breeders. In fact, the opposite is the case.    

While some of these proposals may be well-intentioned, they typically undermine consumer protections for pet buyers and drive some prospective pet owners to unregulated internet or retail rescue sources that are rife with scams. 

One of the best things lawmakers can do to help animal welfare is to protect individuals’ ability to choose the best pet for their lifestyle from a reputable, humane source. These sources include breeders, pet stores who sell pets from regulated breeders, responsible rescues and local shelters.  When pet owners can choose the right pet for their lifestyle, that pet is less likely to end up in a shelter. 

AKC supports the rights of individuals to choose the type of pet they prefer, and urges lawmakers to protect this right and to preserve consumer protection laws that protect pet buyers and hold sellers accountable.  

To help communicate about this issue, AKC Government Relations has developed a 90 second animated video that discusses the value of pet choice. We urge you to share this video and other information about pet choice located on the Pet Choice key issues page with lawmakers and your contacts. 

This Pet Choice video is the latest in a series of Responsible Policy Videos developed by AKC Government Relations to provide expertise and communicate our message on key policy issues.  You can view all the videos, as well as our other advocacy resources, in the online toolbox and the key issues pages on the AKC Legislative Action Center at www.akcgr.org

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