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New In The Legislative Action Center: Preparing for Advocacy Handout
May 17, 2023 by AKC Government Relations

It’s scary to hear about proposed legislation that restricts your rights to own, breed, or exhibit a dog. But getting involved in your community and the political process to prevent or oppose harmful proposals doesn’t have to be!  

The AKC Government Relations team tracks and takes action on legislation across the country impacting dog owners, breeders, and our sport.  Yet the most effective voice is yours – dog owners and breeders in local communities who will be directly impacted by laws.  

The AKC Government Relations is pleased to introduce Preparing for Advocacy, a new one-page resource providing seven easy steps you can take to be the best advocates possible for responsible dog ownership and your rights as dog enthusiasts.  

Preparing for Advocacy can be printed or downloaded from the AKC Legislative Action Center (www.akcgr.org). We encourage you to review it and share it with fellow club members, breeders, and dog owners so you can stay on top of canine laws and policy and be effective advocates.    

Preparing for Advocacy is one of many tools available in AKC Legislative Action Center. Check out the GR toolbox and key issues pages for other resources and talking points on a variety of issues impacting you and your dogs. 

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