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War on Dog Breeding Punishes Responsible Breeders
December 4, 2023 by AKC Government Relations

War on Dog Breeding Punishes Responsible Breeders
*Originally published in the DC Journal on December 4, 2023

War on Dog Breeding Punishes Responsible Breeders

Responsible dog breeding is under attack with efforts at the federal and state levels to limit or end breeding.

At the federal level, one proposal would prohibit the breeding of female dogs unless approved for breeding by a veterinarian, with no specific details on what the screening would involve or who would make these decisions. At the state and local level, no fewer than 80 measures seek to curtail skilled breeders who supply dogs as pets or to law enforcement as working dogs.

California leads the way in extreme measures that punish responsible breeders.

In Los Angeles, officials are proposing a sweeping moratorium on dog breeder permits with the fundamentally wrong-headed idea that this will alleviate the overcrowding at city animal shelters.

Responsible dog breeders who play by the rules and get required licenses are not generating overflow at animal shelters. Instead, responsible breeders raise healthy dogs and work to ensure that puppies are placed with appropriate owners, some of whom require specially bred service animals. They take dogs back if a home placement does not work out instead of sending them to a shelter where they are cared for at the taxpayers’ expense.  Read more. 

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