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AKC GR Introduces 2024 Election Guide
February 2, 2024 by AKC Government Relations

All elections can have a significant impact on the rights of hobbyists, fanciers, and purebred owners.  It is essential for the future of our purebred dogs and the sport that you help us ensure that dog-friendly candidates are elected in November. 

AKC Government Relations has created a 2024 Election Guide with simple things you and your club can do to make a difference in the upcoming elections – from ensuring all your club members are registered to vote, to identifying the dog-friendly candidates in your area.   

Please take the time to review and share this guide with club members and feel free to also post on your club web pages and social media.  Please also contact AKC Government Relations at doglaw@akc.org and let us know what you and your club are doing to impact the upcoming elections!

Voters across the country are already heading to the polls to choose candidates for the 2024 presidential general election. In order to prepare for the upcoming election year, it’s important to know when to vote, why you’re voting multiple times a year, and what election you are voting in.

In particular, keep a close watch for local elections. Although these elections receive less media coverage, local lawmakers typically have the most direct impact on local animal control and dog-related laws that affect your daily life. To learn more about the views of your local candidates on dog issues, and to ensure they know you care about these issues, encourage your club to send a survey to candidates. Click here for more information about elections or to view a sample candidate survey you can personalize and send to your candidates. 

What is a Primary Election?

A primary election is conducted so that voters can select candidates for a subsequent election (this is called the nominating primary). Primary elections allow each political party to determine its nominee for the upcoming general election. The Presidential Primary Election take place every 4 years between January and March of election years. For most state offices, elections take place year every 2 years. 

There can often be a “Second Primary”. Depending on the outcome of the first primary early in the year, some states will require a Second Primary that often takes place in May.  A Second Primary will occur if the first-place candidate fails to receive above forty percent (40%) of the vote. After the Second Primary, the leading candidate will advance to the general election no matter what percentage received.

How to Vote in a Primary Election

If you are planning to vote in any election, you must register to vote. Each state has different instructions on how to register, but once you are registered you will remain registered for the rest of your life! The only time you will need to re-register to vote is if you move, change your political party, or change your name. You do not need to declare a political party to vote. Rules regarding political affiliation and voting primary elections vary from state to state, so in order to be aware of the rules for primary voting requirements in your state, visit https://www.usvotefoundation.org/primary-election-dates

For more information about voter registration, how to vote, where to vote, sample ballots, and election processes, check out the usa.gov website for direction on how to help you based on your address and needs. 

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