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Dealing with a specific issue in your state/community? Here you can find a breakdown of our resources by topic. We encourage you to print these resources and distribute them to lawmakers, fellow dog owners, or anyone your wish to educate about canine legislation. We also have limited print copies of the brochures available for lawmakers.

Below you can find links to our Key Issues Pages: 

Breeding Regulations and Restrictions 

Breed-Specific/Dangerous Dog Laws 

Consumer Protection/”Puppy Lemon Laws” 

Detection Dogs 

Dogs in Vehicles: Avoiding Unintended Consequences 

Dogs Outdoors/Tethering

Ear Cropping,Tail Docking, Dewclaw Removal and Debarking 

Legal Status of Animals 

Limit Laws 

Mandatory Spay/Neuter 

Other Canine Policy Issues 

Pet Choice/Pet Store Restrictions 

Pet Imports: Protecting Pet & Public Health 

Service Dogs 

COVID-19 Civil Liability Limit Legislation 

COVID-19 Resources 

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