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The American Kennel Club (AKC) works to protect the rights of dog owners and is very concerned about harassment or retaliation against dog breeders/enthusiasts, particularly in relation to instances where breeders/enthusiasts have participated in the political process to protect their rights and the wellbeing of dogs.  

Examples of harassment/retaliation experiences may include:

  • Suspicious phone inquiries or visits,  
  • Suspicious timing of anonymous complaints,  
  • Threatening communications or social media bullying,  
  • Suspicious inspections resulting in seizure of dogs with significant legal repercussions, 
  • And other tactics that may be intended as intimidation or retaliation.  


To centralize reports of this nature, AKC has established the Anti-Breeder Harassment and Retaliation Task Force (HTF). Although it is not appropriate for AKC or its staff to serve as legal counsel in these instances, the taskforce is prepared to collect information supplied by breeders about these harmful activities to learn more about how dog owners are being targeted. 

Perpetrators persist when protected by silence. Sharing your experience with the taskforce helps AKC to study potential hot spots that may be targeted, and to develop resources and initiatives to prevent and stop harassment. 

AKC Breeders and enthusiasts are experts on dogs. They are an expert resource for their communities. Their voice in testifying at hearings, speaking out in defense of breeders, participating in educational days, or otherwise engaging the public in pro-breeder activities is crucial to the future of responsible dog ownership and purebred dogs.  

As a breeder or purebred dog owner, if you have recently experienced such an incident, the Anti-Breeder Harassment and Retaliation Task Force encourages you to share your story.  Please know that reporting an incident does not mean you are required to take any further action. 


Questions? Please email us - reportharassment@akc.org or call us - 919-816-3720

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Click here for Anti-Breeder Harassment Report Form - Updated Form, June 2022


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