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Dog owners bear a special responsibility to their canine companions to provide proper care and humane treatment at all times. The American Kennel Club supports and actively promotes a wide range of programs to educate about responsible purebred breeding practices and the responsibilities of dog ownership. 

The AKC understands the challenges communities face in creating effective animal control ordinances.  AKC supports reasonable and enforceable laws that protect the health and welfare of all dogs and do not restrict the rights of breeders and owners who meet their responsibilities. The AKC opposes the concept of breeding permits, breeding bans, mandatory spay/neuter of purebred dogs, and arbitrary kennel engineering requirements based on the number of dogs owned or maintained.  Such requirements are ineffective, difficult to enforce, and unfair to responsible dog owners. Better alternatives are reasonable and enforceable performance-based standards that focus on responsible ownership and strict enforcement of neglect and cruelty laws. 

AKC Position Statements

Breeding Regulations and Restrictions

Enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act

Proper Care and Humane Treatment of Dogs

Protection for Puppy Purchasers 

Responsible Breeding Practices

AKC Care & Conditions Policy /Safe Housing for Dogs 

Issue Analyses

The Value of Responsible Dog Breeders

Conformation Shows – More Than Just a Pretty Face 

Policy Analysis Packet 

Breeder Laws and Regulations

USDA Licensing

New in the GR Toolbox: Understanding USDA Dog Breeder Licensing

Understanding USDA Dog Breeder Licensing

Not Sure if You Should be Licensed by USDA? Here’s Some Help!

Talking Points

It Pays to Support AKC Dog Shows

AKC Kennel Inspection Program Highlights

Cease and Desist’: Local Proactive Actions Are Essential to Saving Your Breeding Program 

Breeder Expertise, Thoughtful Analysis Demonstrate Dangerous Flaws in ‘Feel Good’ Dog Law


AKC Announces Launch of Resources and Task Force on Anti-Breeder Harassment and Retaliation

Colorado: 2022 Ballot Initiative Impacts Breeders, Owners, and Accepted Animal Husbandry

AKC Statement on Dutch Kennel Club ‘Brachycephalic Decision’: Context and a Cautionary Tale

Five Things You and Your Club Can Do Today to Fight CA AB 702 – Regulation of all Breeders

Shelters Contemplate Breeding Pets During COVID-19 Animal Import Dry Spell in Vermont

Dedicated Dog Breeders Successfully Change New Hampshire Law


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