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COVID-19 Civil Liability Limit Legislation
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As the American Kennel Club (AKC), our affiliated clubs, and dog enthusiasts continue to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our future activities, legislative proposals have been or are expected to be introduced that seek to limit the potential civil legal liability of individuals and businesses, including non-profits, for damages or personal injury that result from actual or alleged exposure to the virus. This type of legislation may be of potential interest to some AKC-affiliated clubs with deep concerns about conducting their events while under a higher-than-normal exposure to liability risks.

AKC Government Relations (GR) is tracking these legislative proposals and has created a tracking report* that provides details on state legislation it is tracking that seeks to limit COVID-19-related liability.  The report, updated daily, is accessible on AKC GR’s COVID-19 Resources. 

It is important to note in general that should any of these bills be enacted, their limitations may not absolutely limit risk exposure because they would (1) not prevent the filing of lawsuits that clubs would have to respond to regardless of the nature of the claims; and (2) ultimately not apply to any virus exposure liability claims proven to be the result of gross negligence, willful misconduct, or intentional criminal conduct. 

For more information, read COVID-19 Coronavirus: Updates from the American Kennel Club; or contact AKC GR at doglaw@akc.org.  

*These resources are provided for informational purposes only. 

Civil Liability Protection Information

Maryland: Support Bill Providing Liability Protections for COVID Exposure -Update

COVID-19 Reinforces Need for Healthy Habits Around Pets

Indiana: Support Bill Providing Liability Protections for COVID Exposure on January 13

Michigan: COVID Liability Bill Heading to Governor

Michigan: COVID Liability Bill Could Be Considered Tomorrow, September 15

Idaho: Governor Signs Bill Providing Certain COVID Liability Protections

Virginia Update: Bills Providing Immunity from Civil Claims Related to COVID-19 Advance

Tennessee:  Governor Signs Act Providing Liability Protections Related to COVID-19 Claims

Georgia: Governor Signs Act Providing Certain Protections for COVID-19 Related Tort Claims

Arkansas: Governor’s Order Establishes Certain COVID-19 Liability Protections During Current Health Emergency

Louisiana: Laws that Establish COVID Liability Protections Retroactive to March 11, 2020

North Carolina: Governor Signs Bill Providing Certain COVID Liability Protections

AKC Letter to Congress Urging COVID-19 Liability Protections for Clubs/Non- Profits

Utah: Governor Signs Bill Providing Certain COVID Liability Protections

COVID-19 Liability Protection Legislation Sample Letter for Clubs

AKC letter to NC General Assembly in Support of COVID-19 Liability Protections

AKC GR Unveils Tracking Reports for COVID-19 Liability Protections

AKC GR Report to AKC Delegates AB Committee on Liability Legislation 6/16/20

USDA Urges Caution as SARS-CoV-2 Confirmed in Tiger Kept at NY Zoo 

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