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Help Us Protect Freedom of Vaccine Choice in Pennsylvania!
The Pennsylvania legislature is considering a bill, HB 262, which provides for the right of an employee or prospective employee to refuse to participate in an invasive medical test or vaccination required by an employer in state law. SB 471 prohibits mandatory vaccination of PA residents by the Commonwealth or as a condition of employment. HB 1439 prohibits state & local government & business from denying services based on vaccination status. HB 286 prohibits discrimination by healthcare providers, facilities and insurers based on vaccination status. SB 618 adds a chapter on vaccinations that prohibits a government entity or higher education institution from requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to use a service, enter a building, or undertake an activity. HB 1986 provides exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccination mandate including: (1) proof of previous COVID-19 infection within the last year; (2) proof of COVID-19 antibodies via serology test; and (3) proof of negative COVID-19 test result within 14 days. SB 968 and HB 2077 allow proof of natural immunity to satisfy COVID vaccination requirements. SB 937 prohibits COVID vaccination mandates for students. 

Write to your legislators and urge them to support these bills!

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