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Protect Vaccine Choice in Wisconsin
The legislature is considering bills, SB 5/AB 25, SB 4/AB 23, AB 303, AB 299/SB 383, SB 375/AB 347, AB 600, AB 316, AB 675, and AB 662, that prohibit employers from mandating COVID-19 vaccines as a condition of obtaining or retaining employment and prohibit Dept. of Health and local health officials from mandating COVID-19 vaccines, prohibit businesses from discriminating against customers based on vaccination status, prohibit any government entity and business from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination,  prohibit colleges from requiring or showing proof of vaccination or testing, allow students to transfer schools based on vaccination requirements, prohibit discrimination based on vaccination status, and require employers who demand COVID vaccination to accept evidence of natural immunity, respectively.

Patients have a right to make their own decisions about treatments for their children based on informed consent. Limiting a patient's ability to make informed decisions about what gets put into his or her body violates medical ethics.

Write to your elected officials and urge them to support SB 5/AB 25, SB 4/AB 23, AB 303, AB 299/SB 383, SB 375/AB 347, AB 600,  AB 316, AB 675, and AB 662.

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